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Class 5/7 Driver Training

As a first-time driver, a novice, an adult seeking re-training or refinement of technical skills and knowledge, or if you’re seeking to rehabilitate those fine motor-skills after a significant physical injury, taking Class 5/7 Driver Training lessons is the best way to make sure you are on the right road to being a safe, skillful driver.We pride ourselves in our dedicated base of highly trained professional instructors that are prepared to teach you what you need, regardless what weather, terrain, or traffic might pose a threat while you’re in the driver seat. Furthermore, every driving lesson is custom-tailored for each individual student.The skills you will learn here will certainly teach you to pass that road test, or get that defensive driving certificate you need for your job, but more than that – we can teach you how to keep driving safely, confidently, and skillfully every time you sit behind the wheel.

Professional Driver Training

As an industry leader in the Commercial Truck Driver Training Industry, we are a Prince George-based, ICBC-certified driving school with experienced and professional ICBC-certified instructors – but that’s where our similarity to other driving schools ends.  All of our Commercial Driving Programs for Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 licenses are fully-certified and recognized courses that equip you for an exciting and rewarding career that is continuously in demand – and in as little as 1-4 weeks!  You will graduate from our programs with more than just an upgraded license – you will have all the knowledge and technical skill necessary to quickly obtain a challenging and rewarding job.
You can learn to drive practically anywhere. We’ll teach you to be a driver in demand!

Work Placement

The skills you will learn and quality of Commercial Driver Training that w is widely recognized and sought after throughout the Northern BC territories.  Whether you are looking to get into a local driving job where you can be home every night or if you are seeking a long-haul or camp-job occupation, we can help you get the contacts you need and provide a recommendation that holds enough weight to tip the hiring scale in your favor.  Particularly in the Prince George area, we have had a long history of work placement right out of our Commercial Driver Training Programs with numerous local businesses that are in high demand.  The reason our students are so sought after by employers is because we offer the highest level of Professional Driver Training skill and know-how, which translates into you being better equipped to quickly and efficiently adapt in any commercial driving industry setting.
Call now and get on the fast track to your new career as a highly skilled and competitively paid Professional Driver.

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